Megwetch to our members who were able to join us on September 9th to celebrate the season of summer.  It seems that we are still waiting for it to start his year, and here it is almost finished.  Isn’t that just like adolescence, the life stage that it mirrors:  a time when life goes way too fast; when there is too much to do, and not enough time to do it; a time when done, we wonder how we ever managed.

For us, it was the second quarter of a year-long project in which we intended to get together with all the Indigenous groups in the Valley – but summer is not a good time to do that:  everyone is busy, or on holiday, or otherwise engaged.  And this year it is busier still because of all the Canada’s 150 celebrations.

But it’s not something that  we can easily celebrate – our perception of life 150 years ago is quite different than that of most Canadians.  Perhaps it is a place to start; certainly, we can no longer be ignored.

And I have known for some time that our people need to talk.  There are many issues, personal, national, local, and no place to share them  We hope to remedy that by having regular Talking Circles around the territory as part of this project. If you would like us to facilitate one in your community, please Contact me, and help to find a suitable place to hold it.  Then you can invite your community members, whether they are members of our Circle or not, to the event.  But we will always want to smudge, offer tobacco & water, and lead the discussion.

Aimee Bailey, President

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