Our 2017 Strategic Plan is a summary of the ideas collected from our membership a few years back.  Our strongest desires are ‘Cultural’; this includes ‘healing, sweats, & medicine’ and teachings; the second strongest desire was to have our events include all ages.

By using the talent of our members, we want to move towards the following goals:

  • To create a positive brand of promotion for our organization & its mission

  • To host a multi-day Cultural Camp in our area

  • To produce & market relevant Cultural Resources as a means of fundraising

  • To host regular Ceremonies* throughout the year

  • 4 Change of Season Ceremonies, including a Talking Circle

  • 4 Travelling Talking Circles, various communities/circles

  • 2 Sweats – Madoodiswan (Spirit Lodge) per year

  • 1 Multi-day Cultural Camp

We welcome your feedback on this plan. Please feel free to contact us.