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After only a few years in the cultural education business, the need for a written version of their collective knowledge became apparent.  The information in this publication comes from long term experience and individual training, and it is offered “in a good way” to those people who are truly interested in learning about Aboriginal culture and traditions.

This edition provides information on Algonquin prophecy, and on teachings such as those of the Seven Grandfathers, the 13 moons, and an overview of Medicines.  It also provides detailed descriptions of common ceremonies within categories of Cleansing, Healing, Guiding, and Thanking, and a few Sacred Songs to whet your whistle.

This publication was written for The Circle of Turtle Lodge as follows:  Main Contributor: Aimee Bailey, Spokesperson; additional articles were submitted by Annie Parker, Secretary; Laurie Amikons, Director, Nancy Anderson, Past Director, and Norma Bailey, Chair.  Aimee Bailey is Algonquin, received her Honours B. A. from York University in 1989, and has studied and experienced her Indigenous culture and traditions for over 25 years. Annie Parker is Mohawk, and has been personally involved in Aboriginal Culture for over 10 years.  Laurie Amikons is an Algonquin drummer & singer following the Traditional ways.  Nancy Anderson is of Algonquin background, and has worked with the healing energy of minerals throughout her life.  Norma Bailey is Algonquin, and has studied Aboriginal culture & traditions for several years.

ANISHNABE 101:  The Basics of what you need to know to begin your journey on the Red Road.
The Circle of Turtle Lodge.  Self-Published
Stock cover, coil bound, 8.5 x 11, 62 pp  ISBN 0-9687443-0-3    $13.00  > [payable by e-transfer to]
Release Date:  August 2000  Now in its 10th printing.

Preface by Aimee Bailey
Who Should Read This Book How to Use This Book
What is Anishnabe Philosophy
Walking The Good Red Road
Prophecy & Truths
The Anishnabe Way to Live
The Prophecy of Seven Fires  Spiritual Laws
TeachingsThe Sacred Tree of Life
Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers
The 13 Moons, Our Grandmothers
The Medicine Wheel and the Seven Directions
Medicines [Plants/Animals/Stones/Trees]
Medicine Bundles
Ceremonies:  Cleansing: Smudging; Sweat
Lodge  Healing: Circles; Doctoring; Sacred Fire; Pow Wow
Guiding: Birthing; Naming; Vision Seeking; Berry Fast; Wedding; Funeral
Thanking: Pipe Ceremony; Moon Ceremony; Feast; Giveaway
Songs:  Neesa [Grandmother Moon Song]; Meegwetch [Thank You Song]
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