… a primer for anyone wanting to learn about our Indigenous Culture. First published in 2000, now in our 12th printing.

After only a few years in the cultural education business, the need for a written version of their collective knowledge became apparent.  The information in this publication comes from long term experience and individual training, and it is offered “in a good way” to those people who are truly interested in learning about Aboriginal culture and traditions. This edition provides information on Algonquin prophecy and on teachings such as those of the Seven Grandfathers, the 13 moons, and an overview of Medicines.  It also provides detailed descriptions of common ceremonies within categories of Cleansing, Healing, Guiding, and Thanking, and a few Sacred Songs to whet your whistle.

This publication continues to be a major fundraiser for our Circle’s programming. You can purchase a copy securely online here.

Or, if you prefer, you can e-transfer $23, along with your shipping coordinates, to this email address: info@thecircleofturtlelodge.ca

Discounts are available for orders of seven (7) or more. Organizations and businesses may send Purchase Orders directly to us by email: info@thecircleofturtlelodge.ca

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