There have been many books published that can help us to restore our Cultural Traditions. Here are some that we have collected.

A Dictionary of the Ojibway LanguageBaraga, Frederic
A Native American Thought of It: Amazing Inventions and InnovationsLandon, Rocky
Ahaw, Anishinaabem (Ok, Speak Ojibwe)Monague, B Jeff
Anishinaabe Worldview: Ojibwe History, Culture and LanguageLyons, Michael
Anishinaabe: Ojibwe Culture and LanguageLyons, Michael
Anishinaubae ThesaurusJohnston, Basil H.
Beyond Blood:  Rethinking Indigenous IdentityPalmater, Pamela D.
Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of PlantsKimmerer, Robin Wall
Concise Dictionary of Minnesota OjibweNyholm
Elements of Indigenous Style:  a guide for writing by and about Indigenous PeoplesYounging, Gregory
Familiar Phrases in Ojibway: Familiar Phrases to Facilitate ConversationWikwemikong, 1872
Fluent Forever:  how to learn any language fast and never forget itWyner, Gabriel
Fluent in 3 Months: how anyone at any age can learn to speak any language from anywhere in the worldLewis, Benny
Igniting the Sparkle:  An Indigenous Science Education ModelCajete, Gregory A.
Integrating Aboriginal Perspectives into the School Curriculum: Purposes, Possibilities, and ChallengesKanu, Yatta
Nim-bii-go-nini Ojibwe Language Revitalization Strategy: Families Learning Our Language At HomeAbraham, Rawnda
Ojiberish: An Introduction to OjibwemowinLyons, Michael
Original Instructions: Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable FutureNelson, Melissa K.
Speaking Our Truth Teacher GuideHenry, Tasha
Teacher Education Series: Culturally Relevant Aboriginal EducationBell, Nicole
The Language Warriors Manifesto: How to Keep our Languages alive no matter the oddsTreuer, Anton
The Reconciliation Manifesto: Recovering the Land, Rebuilding the EconomyManuel, Arthur
Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian SchoolsToulouse, Pamela Rose
Why Indigenous Literatures MatterJustice, Daniel Heath