Some of the projects that we have undertaken since we began are:

  • Anishnabe 101 – a primer for anyone wanting to learn about our Indigenous Culture; first published in 2000, now on our 12th printing.  You can get it here
  • Getting the Basics‘ Cultural Retreat in 2003 at Camp Lutherlyn on Golden Lake; sunrise ceremonies, teachings, feasts, circles.
  •  ‘Anishinabikwe Rising‘ Program in 2009-10 – a series of traveling workshops to introduce Indigenous Women to Talking Circles and Moon Ceremonies.
  •  ‘Anishinabikwe Rising II‘ Program in 2011-12 – a series of workshops on Traditional Arts & Crafts held at the Golden Lake Camp in Deacon for Indigenous Women from across the Algonquin Territory.
  •  ‘Reviving the Clan System‘ Program – a series of traveling Talking Circles to introduce the Clan System of Traditional Anishinabe Governance, and to discuss how it might be used today.
  • ‘Indigenous History Month’ at Algonquin College Pembroke, each January since 2018:  workshops, seminars, talking circles, ceremony.

Ceremonies are the Cultural Practice of our members and include quarterly ‘Change of Season’ Ceremonies to Feast our Bundles; Spring and Fall Sweat Lodges for cleansing; Talking Circles for sharing/unburdening, and other ceremonies as they are requested.  Most require a whole day.

We also can be contracted to provide Traditional Openings for any gatherings taking place in our service area.

Seminars – Our format is to share the knowledge and then get your input via a Talking Circle — hall must be set up in a circle.  
We have many topics of Traditional Knowledge to share:
  • Implementing The Truth & Reconciliation’s Calls to Action
  • The Importance of Smudging
  • The Migration of the Anishinabe
  • Indigenous Spirituality as a Valid World Religion
  • The Thirteen Moons of Creation
  • Names & Clans

Workshops are interactive.  Some that we have done and would enjoy doing again are:
  • The Power of The Circle
  • Making Talking Sticks/Smudging Feathers
  • Making a Dreamcatcher
  • The Kairos(c) Blanket Exercise

Rates for our Team to educate your audience has been set at $100/hour, plus mileage to your location, and the cost of supplies – in the case of workshops. We are not registered or required to charge HST. All of our Teams are Indigenous member volunteers; we receive no core funding to provide Cultural Education.

Schools in Renfrew County now have Indigenous Liason Officers who oversee a budget for Cultural Education; please ask your Principal for their contact information.