A non-profit corporation established to provide Cultural Education.
Knowledge shared is the greatest equalizer.

After only a few years in the cultural education business, we realized we needed a
written version of our collective knowledge.
The information in this publication comes from long term experience and individual training, and it is offered “in a good way” to those people who
are truly interested in learning about Aboriginal culture and traditions.

This edition provides information on Algonquin prophecy, and on teachings such as those of the Seven Grandfathers, the 13 moons, and an overview of Medicines. It also provides detailed descriptions of
common ceremonies within categories of Cleansing, Healing, Guiding, and Thanking, and a few Sacred Songs to whet your whistle.

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The Circle of Turtle Lodge
Release Date: August 2000
Exerpt from "How to Use this Book"
Please read this book with an open mind: take what you find to be useful to you for where you are now in your spiritual journey, and leave the rest. Perhaps it will be useful to you at a later date, perhaps not. Perhaps you will pass it on to someone else who might find it useful in their life.
The 21st century will be the age of the true renaissance of the Anishnabe philosophy. The prophecies of our people tell us that our ways will resurface and we will once again be strong. Our teachings are to be shared with all the races of the world, so that they too can thrive. You are welcome to come on the journey. Everyone is equal in a circle.

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